Monday, 16 May 2011

Jar Party Challenge WINNER!


Rosemary Youngblood with her piece Jar Therapy that will be featured in June's issue of Underneath The Juniper Tree. A snippet of her story is at the bottom of this post. Congratulations to Rosemary! Part of your winnings is me keeping Tex from taking off with all your toes.


AND some other works of merit who battled for top spot are Artemis Gray with Darkling and Danyelle Leafty with The Jar. Both will be included in the June issue.

Thirsty for more? Other incredible Jar Party entries will be featured here on Underneath The Juniper Tree for your reading delight. Check back often and see what's being kept in those murderously mysterious jars.

Excerpt from Jar Therapy by Rosemary Youngblood:

The little boy raised his head. Beneath the brim of his hat were two patches of skin stretched over his eye sockets and stitched to his cheekbones.
“Can you show us your jar?”
The boy dropped what he had been holding onto the table and reached for the jar in front of him filled with something he guessed must be colourful. He gave it a shake; a happy,  rattling sound rang in his ears. He smiled. “Buttons.”


  1. Ooo, that is a great excerpt. I want more.

  2. I want more too! Congrats to Rosemary!

    And thank you so much Marjorie and Tex, for hosting these amazing and fun weekly challenges! I can't wait to get to read some of the other entries...

  3. Congratulations, Rosemary! Can't wait for the June issue! :D

  4. Sounds a little like "Coraline."


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