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Alice Fanchiang is a scribbler of stories, doodler of letters, and lover of the whimsical, lyrical word. Her stories are often wreathed in shivery fog, but she has an enduring love for the sun. (California is her home state, after all.) She enjoys singing, commas, and munching on cookies (literally) and books (figuratively). She blogs as Krispy at A Nudge in the Right Direction.

Anne E. Johnson lives in Brooklyn. Her children’s short fiction can be found in Stories for Children, Spaceports & Spidersilk, Literature for Kids, and elsewhere. She has stories for adults scheduled in several anthologies. When she’s not writing, she teaches music history and theory at Mannes College, The New School for Music.

Artemis Grey was raised on fairy tales and the folklore of Appalachia and has been devouring books and regurgitating her daydreams into written words since childhood. Whether running barefoot through dying coal towns in search of haints or traversing the Blue Ridge Mountains on horseback looking for legends, she is never far from pen and paper. She hopes her stories will change you in some way and stick in the corners of your mind.

B.J. Lee's poem, "The Legend of the Flying Dutchman" has received a nomination for the 2011 Rhysling Award. Formerly a librarian at The Boston Conservatory, BJ now spends her free time writing poetry for children and adults as well as picture books and YA's. She has many poems published. She lives in Florida with her husband and toy poodles, JoJo and Clementine.

Caitlin Elizabeth Thomson is a Canadian currently residing in Brooklyn, New York. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in many places, including: The Hart House Review, Softblow, A cappella Zoo, The Toronto Quarterly, Welter, Going Down Swinging, and the anthology Killer Verse.

Catherine Bailey writes picture books and poetry for young children from her home in south Florida. When she isn't writing (or rewriting, or swatting at mosquitoes) she takes care of her toddler daughter, loving husband, and ungrateful cat. Previously she interned with the Cartoon Network, and worked as a graphic designer.

Charlene Logan Burnett earned an MFA in playwriting from UC Davis. She was awarded a MacDowell Colony fellowship. Her fiction and poetry has appeared in A cappella Zoo, Literary Mama, Loch Raven Review, RHINO, Weave Magazine and other journals. 

Christopher Lincoln graduated with a BFA from Syracuse University in 1974. For the next nine years he worked as an animator, then switched to advertising in 1983. He currently lives in Minnesota, where he works at Fallon Worldwide on the Nestle Purina Business.
Little Brown published his debut novel, Billy Bones: A Tale from the Secrets Closet in April 2008, followed by Billy Bones: The Road to Nevermore in April 2009.

Daniel Knauf created and served as Executive Producer of his Emmy Award-winning series, “Carniv├íle” (HBO). He has written episodes of “Supernatural” and “Fear Itself”. He is presently collaborating with legendary filmmaker, John Milius, on an epic 3D series. He and his son, Charles Knauf, collaborated on “The Invincible Iron Man” for Marvel Comics. He has recently turned to screenwriting, writing a feature trilogy for Will Smith and Overbrook Productions, “The Legend of Cain”. He lives in Southern California with his family and two ill-tempered mutts.

Danyelle Leafty writes MG and YA fantasy. In her spare time, she collects dragons, talking frogs, and fairy godmothers. She can be found discussing the art of turning one's characters into various animals, painting with words, and the best ways to avoid getting eaten by dragons on her blog. Her serial novel The Fairy Godmother Dilemma can be found here.

Elizabeth Beck is an omnivorous nocturnal creature most often found in the Pacific Northwest Region of North America. Naturally at home in her habitat of dark-ferned forests and rainy streets lined with coffee shops, she can be seen hosting local Writer At Wit’s End meetings. She might also be glimpsed sneaking aboard ghostly tall ships to write macabre poems and evil unicorn stories. Approach with caution.

Grier Jewell is a graduate of the Whidbey Writers Workshop MFA program in creative writing for children and young adults. In addition to Underneath the Juniper Tree, her work has appeared in Crow Toes Quarterly, Danse Macabre, Soundings Review, COLUMBIAKids and (forthcoming) The Los Angeles Times Kids’ Reading Room. She lives and works in a hidey-hole deep in the woods of the Pacific Northwest.

Janis Lein is a collector of words. She uncovers their hiding places and hunts them down with feverish delight. She once chased an adjective halfway across the country, enchanted by its elusive nature. Using her ever-expanding collection, she writes stories and poems to share with others who have a similar passion.

Jayne Moraski does not know what she wants to be when she grows up. Since she still laughs at cartoons and loves being around children, she works for a diabetes research program by day, and is a children’s author by night. She has written extensively for North Florida tourism, and recent work includes short stories in Underneath the Juniper Tree, and in an anthology entitled, Wisdom of Our Mothers

Jenn Chushcoff's writing appears in poetry anthologies, children's magazines, nonfiction journals and in the book, Snowflakes: A Pop-Up (Jumping Jack Press, 2010). She also owns Jenneration Photos. Her images sell as fine art and in commercial and editorial markets.

Jeremy R. Glenn grew up in a murky and enchanting timber – or very near one, at least. When not exploring the shadows of these woods and drawing pictures of the things he found there, Jeremy spent most of his time engulfed in books and stories of ghosts, mysteries, and adventure. Today he writes and illustrates the same types of stories that entangled his imagination as a child.

Kenneth A O’Shaughnessy has written several as-yet unpublished children's books which his own children and those of friends find at least mildly entertaining. He enjoys writing short stories and poetry

Laura Garrison lives with her husband in a dank apartment in the swampy part of Maryland. Some of her other work has appeared in DailyHaiku, Hogglepot, Mirror Dance, and Camroc Press Review, among others. She enjoys skulking under bridges, freeing horrors chained in castle dungeons, and burying treasure on deserted islands.

Laura Kahaner writes, "I write to save lives, perhaps mine." This statement encompasses any Alchemical Recipes/Writings Laurel Kahaner may conjure. She's called her work Symbolic Bridging for decades because she enjoys when Mysteries combine in a myriad of unexpected ways. She teaches, counsels, writes, paints, dances, dreams and takes verra long walks in the Scottish Highlands and wonderfully, finds herself there.

Madeline Lane Daniel was born on September 5th, 2001 in Evanston, IL. She has lived there ever since with her mother, father, and little sister. Madeline grew up writing. Even before she could spell, she would take a pen and fill in pieces of lined paper with squiggly lines. Her life-long dream is to have a book published. Madeline now has a love for strange, dark and creepy things. She likes learning new words to use in her writing.

Marcia Faber has always loved to write stories and poetry. She enjoys music and playing the piano. She worked with children from grades K-6th in Basic Skills in elementary school.
Her favorite lessons were helping  the children with their creative writing skills. She loves spending time with her family and many of her stories are about their adventures with perhaps a touch of magic!

Michelle M. Mead is a writer from NY's Hudson Valley area. She has co-edited a local childrens magazine, Whimsy. Her poetry has been in various e-zines as well as in print magazines (Polluto, Cross Stitch Crazy, Thirty First Bird Review, Windmills, Waterways, Blinking Cursor, Trespass). She has also been published in chapbook form and is working on two middle grade novels.

Priscilla Jolly is all set to go back to the University for her Postgraduate Degree in English. She loves to read and had developed a recent addiction to comic books. She has several strange habits like making up conversations with imaginary characters and reciting her favorite poems aloud when she is alone. With the rest of her time, she dreams about traveling all around the world. 

Rosemary Youngblood is a writer from Hamilton Hill. She lives in a small house with two trolls, six imps, and a sprite. To read some of her old stuff, visit http://rosemaryyoungblood.blogspot.com, or to see Rosemary unmasked, visit http://michaelatashjian.com.

Ruth Schiffmann puts pen to paper always hoping for that magical moment when the words take on a life of their own. More than a hundred of her stories, articles, essays, and poems have appeared both in print and online.

Samantha Kymmell-Harvey lives in Baltimore. Her work can be found in The Urbanite and Fantastique Unfettered. When not writing, she teaches high school French.

Sandie Lee has been writing fiction and non-fiction for 17 years and has been published both online and in print. She is currently working with Imagination-Cafe magazine as an assistant editor and blog editor.

Sherry Auger lives in Maine with her husband, Richard, and is a graduate of Frostburg State University, MD with BS degrees in Chemistry and Biology. She has had fiction and non-fiction published at www.kidzwonder.com, and has co-authored home-school science workbooks for www.hshighlights.com. She also has had fiction in The Kids’ Ark, a children’s Christian magazine.

Tanya Andrious appreciates descriptive writing, and particularly loves imagery. She considers her self an essayist first, short story writer second, and is currently seeking to publish her children's non-fiction picture book. Tanya also works as a freelance proofreader. When she’s not reading, writing, or proofreading, Tanya loves to partake in soccer or sip a delicious cup of tea. 

Tim (T.A.) Tilley began drawing with crayons as a child. A better part of three decades later he does his drawing and coloring digitally, only this time he stays well within the lines. Tim currently works as a freelance writer, color artist and graphic designer in Central Ohio. When not doing freelance writing, coloring or design work for clients, Tim works on continuing the development of his own Children’s Picture Book series: Spook Central Elementary.


Cheryl Coville is an artist/illustrator (and wannabe writer/poet) who lives and works in
Canada. She expresses herself with pencil on paper, needle and fibre and sometimes, with words. Most days, she can be found in the Kingdom of Coco, blogging with her alter ego, Grandma Coco. Please visit. We promise you won’t be hassled at the border.

Elizabeth Rose Stanton, trained as an art historian, architect, and scientific illustrator, has recently turned her attention to illustration — with a decided emphasis on picture books and dark whimsy. Stanton has found that roaming around what is left of her right brain (after having spawned and cultivated three offspring) is proving be a productive and rewarding fourth career. Some of her favorite artists include, in no particular order: Edward Gorey, Leonardo DaVinci, Tim Burton, Arthur Rackham, John R Neil, and Shaun Tan.

Evan Heasman loves to paint pictures of extinct birds and moons, extinct birds on moons and sometimes neither of either. He's inspired by deep dark woods, big bad wolves and little red hoods. His hobbies include spooky double features, gold sandy beaches and star bellied sneetches....in that order. He hails from the land of hobbits where he eats nothing but sushi and blogs between soju shots.

Jason Smith is a published illustrator and Private Chef. When asked about the relationship between the two he says, "They work in tandem with each other, with emphasis on the visual and the subjective nature of both." Returning from his roots in the underground art scene in San Diego, CA and Rochester, NY he makes his re-debut with the July cover for Underneath the Juniper Tree. In the past few years, Jason has infused his unique styling into web design, book covers, storyboards, and his most current project with Matt Cunningham, The Passenger. Jason currently resides in Washington, DC with his wife Gillian. 

Jonathan Arras paints fantastic creatures spiraling in and out of love. He paints with watercolor and acrylic ink but applies acrylic and oil painting techniques to achieve a boldness not often found in traditional watercolor paintings. Figures traditionally associated with children's art (magical beings, monsters, anthropomorphized animals) are often burdened with very human and sometimes adult emotions. Common themes are delirious love, loneliness, and giant desserts.

Kenneth Kit Lamug is an artist, filmmaker & photographer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was born in Manila, Philippines and moved to the U.S. in 1996 where he made a career in the design and technology industry. When he's not photographing, or creating stories & characters, he can be usually found spending time with his family.

M. Stagi a.k.a Creepymama resides in California works a full-time job while raising four fiendlings and scribbles/writes in the wee hours. Her artwork has been noted as disturbing yet cute. Unapologetic, unvarnished truth spills out her pen about her chaotic life often - just beware! She is currently working on book, 13 1/2 Nursery Rhyme Scandals.