Monday, 23 May 2011

What's In a Name Challenge WINNER!

Hello deviant readers,

Today I, Tex, get the grotesque honor of announcing the winner for Underneath The Juniper Tree's What's In a Name Challenge. I was hungry last night so I gnawed off Marjorie's fingers. Sadly, she can no longer type.

No, I kid. I only nipped at her nails before she kindly placed an anthology of macabre children's stories in front of me which I promptly gorged myself on. Now I'm a bit groggy albeit filled with delicious and horrifying words.

Pssst, Tex! Focus...

Oh right! The winner.

And the winner is...Artemis Grey and her piece Pneuma Nix. Congratulations, Artemis! You will be able to read the entire piece in the June issue of Underneath The Juniper Tree but if you are as hungry for words as I am, you will want this sneak peek. And so you shall have it:

Excerpt from Pneuma Nix by Artemis Grey:

Some kids had seen her talking to seemingly no one. They came over and formed a circle around her, leering.

“Pneuma Nix should be beat with sticks!” One of the boys chanted. “Pneuma Nix who can’t be fixed!”

Eidolon hunched her shoulders, her red curls falling over her face.

“Pneuma Nix, you just don’t mix. Pneuma Nix,” He stopped when Victor reached out and wrapped his burnt hand around the boy’s wrist.

“Ow! My face!” He yelped. His right cheek had turned an angry red. “Freak!”

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