Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Mysteries of Juniper Tree

Tex and I have a long list of People We'd Like To Meet And Eat The Toes Of. Chris Van Allsburg is one of them.

Chris Van Allsburg is the incredible creator of such works including (but not limited to) The Polar Express, The Z was Zapped and one of our personal favorites–

Oh, my mouth waters, oh delicate morsels–

Mysteries of Harris Burdick.

This week's challenge honors the incredible and edible work of Mr. Chris Van So-Good-It-Stings Allsburg. But there is a twist.

Writers – Below is an image from Chris Van Allsburg's children's book Mysteries of Harris Burdick. Write us one sentence of a story giving the reader only a taste of what has happened/is going to happen in this image. Remember, you want to leave the reader wondering what will happen so don't give too much away! Only intrigue.

Artists - Below is a one-sentence-story from Allsburg's Mysteries of Harris Burdick. Doodle up an image (or a series of images) that describe what you see as happening in these words:

He swung his lantern three times and slowly the schooner appeared.

Deadline for submissions: Tuesday, June 14 2011. The winners will be announced on Friday, June 18, 2011.

With your submission please put in the subject line "Mysteries of Juniper Tree Challenge Submission".

You can submit your work as a word document or directly in the email to junipertreelit@gmail.com and please forgive us in advance if we don't write back to you immediately. Tex is fairly anal about reading and viewing everything we get. With your submission please tell us a little bit about yourself.

For the rest of the guidelines and what should not be submitted, go to our Submit Work page.


  1. Van Allsburg is one of my all time favorite artists. I have Harris Burdick images on my walls. I love that book so much. It is inspiring and creepy and haunting. I'm am twenty shades of green that you got to meet one of my biggest inspirations.

  2. Have to agree with D.M. Cunningham. Van Allsburg is such an incredible artist. I remember how sad I was when I realized that Harris Burdick wasn't real (he isn't real right?). :)

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