Saturday, 11 June 2011

What Do You Have In Your Pocketses Winner!

Thank you to everyone who put so much effort into submitting to our weekly challenges. We are so please that you find inspiration to keep writing and drawing and painting.

For this week's winner we have an artist again! And a writer! Thank you to Jonathan Arras for submitting his wonderful piece for the Pocketses challenge. It's colourful, fun and just left of crazy. We love it!

And congratulations to Priscilla Jolly with her piece Waiting that will be in the July issue. Below is a snippet for your grabby eyes:

"When dinner was over, Billy nudged Danny and they headed for the corridor. They spoke in whispers.
'Billy, do you really think that if we do this right, like it said in the book, that the three women will come?'”

Do YOU have an idea of a weekly challenge? Is there something that inspires you that you want to get your grabby hands on? Or maybe there's a theme that you're particularly smitten with.


Send us your ideas to and we might just choose your challenge idea if it is terribly clever.

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