Sunday, 10 July 2011

Beware Sleeping Kittens - Cheryl Coville

Innocent kittens
Asleep in their cots
Helpless and harmless
How peaceful their thoughts.

But from the depths of
Their slumber, they dream
Murderous scenes filled
With ear-piercing screams.

Visions of slaughter
Of blood and of gore
Torment and terror.
Ferocious! They roar!

They hunger for prey
They catch on the sly.
Crunchy bird dinners
Snatched down from the sky.

They pounce on goldfish
And throw up the bones.
Then tease the dog who’s
Tied up at his home.

Animal ambush.
Mousey mass murder.
Kings of the jungle
Stalk the intruder.

They snarl and they slash.
They flash their fierce fangs.
Merciless mayhem
Is all that remains.

Such are the dreams of
The average kitten.
Better not wake him
Lest you get bitten.

Beware Sleeping Kittens
Written and illustrated by Cheryl Coville 

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