Saturday, 30 July 2011

A THRILLING Contest in Collaboration with Literary Asylum and Walden Pond Press!

Ahh, my lovely, fleshy, ripe for the taking friends...

Marjorie is taking a nap so I snuck down from the attic to try this blogging thing for myself. Nom Nom! I like it so far!

So you want something exciting? Something more exciting than we've already given you over the past few months? You greedy toe suckers! That's alright. I'm right there with you. So here you go:

Our devilish friend D.M. Cunningham over at Literary Asylum, in cahoots with Walden Pond Press and yours truly, is hosting a thrilling contest to die for!

Here's the low down: In celebration of the upcoming release of Walden Pond Press' Guys Read: THRILLER (Aug 2011), we want YOU to give us your best opening paragraph (or two) of the most thrilling, terrifying, spooky, creepy, and crazy MG/YA story you can muster.

Contest Rules

1) Submit your best work up to two paragraphs. Anything beyond that will not be read and taken out of the running.
2) Send your submissions in the BODY of the email, not attachments (they will not be opened) to the following emails (either or - no need to do both) OR
3) Be sure to put THRILLER contest submission in the RE: Line or it may get overlooked.
4) Deadline is OCTOBER 13th (why? because we like that number) at MIDNIGHT
5) Follow our blogs (links above) and join us on Twitter


6) Most of all, have fun and keep the kids in mind. Let's give them stories that will keep them reading late at night!

Prizes? You ask? Greedy...I like it!

The top writer will receive a copy of GR:THRILLER signed by the ambassador of Children's Lit himself Jon Scieszka. And, your paragraph(s) will appear in an upcoming issue of UTJT. 

WAIT, there is more! The winning writer will be interviewed on the Literary Asylum blog to celebrate your thrilling job well done. Now those are some gruesome prizes!

So hop to it. 

Tex? What are you doing on my computer?

Ummm... researching... exploding brains? OOPS GOTTA GO!

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