Sunday, 7 August 2011

Blast from the Past - Rats Edition Winner!

Due to our AMAZING ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow and our GIVEAWAY!!!! We are announcing the winner today.

We got in some gruesomely gory submissions for you, chatz, and we were so impressed. Thank you for your inspiration!

Now. Our winner of our Blast from the Past: Rats Edition contest is......

Tonja Drecker! With her submission Invasion of the Rats. Aptly named, Tonja! And congratulations. Below is an excerpt from her creepily creative story:

We never saw them at all. They were much, much too sly. They stuck to the shadows, but we saw their bright eyes. And at night, after Mom had tucked me in bed, I could hear them scratching over my head.

To read the rest of this taunting tale you'll have to come back and check out our September Issue.

Just a reminder that we are accepting short story (2000 word max), poetry, limerick and art submissions all the time. Feeling creative? Send it our way! And don't forget to read all about our Submissions & Guidelines. Send us your creepiest, crawliest tales to

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