Thursday, 5 May 2011

Slickety Lickety Limmericks

There is nothing tastier than a good limerick. The succulent way they slide off your tongue; how they are pert and never overstay their welcome; their magnitude for morose manners.

My favorite kind of manners, darling.

Write us a limerick and make it snappy.

Chomp, chomp chomp.

We want to hear what you have to say in five or ten lines, no longer, no shorter. Give us your your rompingest rhyme, your daringest dithers.

Deadline for submissions: Never! We will be collecting limericks all month long and the finest of the fables will be going in our monthly issues.

When emailing us, please put in the subject line, "Limerick Submission" and send it to You can submit more than one limerick but do not be surprised if only one makes it in as limericks are as abundant as rabbits.

Vicious, delicious rabbits.

For more information on what should probably not be sent in you can go to our Submit Work page.

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