Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Cover Artists Wanted - Apply Within

Do you have an eye for illustration? Do you doodle in your dreams? Do words sometimes not make sense so you cut them up and mash them all together until they form the shadow monsters in your mind?

Do you have toes to spare? Maybe even a few f-f-f-FINGERS or–

Settle down Tex. If you are any of the things above, then we want YOU. We want your dark, children's fairytale-inspired art. We want your creative genius splayed on the table under the hot lamp. We want to paint the town red with your art.

Underneath The Juniper Tree is currently looking for artists to fill it's white, ravenous pages with your work. It can be color, it can be black and white, it can be collage or photos or drawings.

Think you have what we want to gobble up? Email us some low res examples of your work to

Can't figure out our style? Check out our June Issue and see for yourself what we're into.

Deadline for cover submissions is Monday, June 20.

In the subject line for your submission please put, "Cover Artists Wanted - Apply Within".

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