Thursday, 2 June 2011

New Month - New Contest: Robots Need Love Too

Hello all you incredible folks. I hope you've been relishing in the wonderfully whimsical and deviously dark work that our contributors have bestowed upon us. you say...TERribly terrific. I printed off extra copies for dessert and I'm afraid I am a bit TOO full.

While Tex nurses his literature hangover, I will tell you about this month's contest: Robots Need Love Too.

Remember Tik-Tok from Wizard of Oz? Or that strange She-bot from Metropolis? And who can forget C3PO and R2D2? This month in honor of our beloved robot species, we want you to write or draw us a short story about robots.

Stories must be about robots. It must also fit into our guidelines in our Submissions Page. Submissions that do not fit the requirements will not be considered so read carefully! If you aren't sure as to what we accept, thumb through our June Issue or scan our site and see what we're all about.

Only the most curious and imaginative pieces will be chosen. Winning images and stories will be featured in the July issue of the Underneath The Juniper Tree. The winning images will also be featured in Featured Artists on the side bar.

When emailing us, please put in the subject line "Robots Need Love Too Contest Submission". 

With your submission, please send us a little blurb about yourself, your name (or alias) and your website.

Email your story or artistic piece to
Submission Deadline: June 25, 2011.
Winner will be announced in the July 1, 2011 monthly online issue.

We look forward to reading all your submissions and potentially eating a few.

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  1. OMG! Tik Tok! Haven't seem him in years! Still lovin' the June issue!!!


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