Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Underneath The Juniper Tree Presents: The June Issue

You've all been waiting for it and now it's here.

Basket full of toes, let it be a basket full of toes.

That is in the mail, Tex. As for the rest of you, our very first issue is here.

You can download it for free by clicking HERE .

Thank you to all the incredible artists and writers who submitted their work. And a huuuuuge thank you to our Murder of Editors who pick and paw at all the work making it even more brilliant. Good show!

If you'd like to be in our future issues, please check out Guidelines Page to see what we're accepting. You can also keep up to date by entering your email in the little rectangle-box on the right side bar. Keep current on our weekly challenges and monthly contests plus much, muuuuch more.

Fingers, eyelids, delectable bellybuttons?

Yes, all those things. And even more. More than you can imagine.

Now without further ado, welcome to the Wonderfully Bewildering World of Underneath The Juniper Tree and DO stay awhile.


  1. This is gorgeous, Marjorie! *hugs June issue*

  2. Quoting Shel Silverstein, from "Falling UP"
    "That story is creepy,
    It's waily, it's weepy,
    It's screechy and screamy
    Right up to the end.
    It's spooky, it's crawly,
    It's grizzly, it's gory
    It's the awfulest story
    (Please tell it again)."
    What a fabulous first issue! Kudos to you and your "Murder of Editors!" Can't wait to see the next one--(so's you can keep telling it again!!).

  3. This tingles my scaredy bone in all the right places.


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