Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Boogeyman's Rhyme - Laura Garrison

My parents are shadows that lurk in your closet;
My very first word was an old man's last breath.
I watched from the wings on the night you were frightened
By blood on the white hands of Lady Macbeth.

My laugh is the scuttle of leaves on the sidewalk;
The weeds on your grandmother's grave are my hair.
My friends are the slime-trails that slugs leave behind them,
And I can freeze toads or melt stones with my stare.

My sigh is the hot wind that withers the foxglove;
My heart is the black rat that drowned in your well.
That dust layer under your bed is my dandruff;
The drain in your shower is ripe with my smell.

I might slip a fat spider into your slipper
Or give you an itch in a place you can't scratch.
While you're off at school, I leave lumps in your pillow
(In three or four days they'll be ready to hatch).

I chew on your boogers and old toenail clippings
At bedtime, when serpents and centipedes creep.
Next time you're alone in the darkness, remember:
My children are nightmares that poison your sleep.

The Boogeyman's Rhyme
Laura Garrison

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'ime'! 'ravel'!

Exactly, Tex. Good show!

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