Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Friendly Reminder - Edward Gorey Chapter II PLUS winner of Tex's book!

Just a friendly reminder that your Edward Gorey Chapter II submission deadline is TOMORROW!!!

The horror.

Quite. SO! You have until midnight tomorrow night to send them in.


Now, to more important things: who won Tex's book?

Whose toes did I find the tastiest?

Tex! You didn't tell me you were taking bribes! You bad armadillian. Now, for the winners of the free books...

I drool at the thought...

Tex, they are your books! And the winners are...

Raych and Amanda are our glorious winners of this giveaway! Congratulations on your free books! Email to collect your book booty!

Thanks everyone for helping out and referring your friends and strangers to Underneath The Juniper Tree. And feel free to continue to refer your friends and family and writer friends and friends that doodle. We are always looking for new, great work!

And come back tomorrow for our monthly contest announcement. I'll give you a clue on what it's about–






It begins with 't' and ends with 'ime' 'ravel'. Until tomorrow!

Don't forget to check out our July issue.

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