Monday, 4 July 2011

Happy Fourth of July

This is Tex's favorite time of year. You can catch glimpses of him scurrying from house to house nibbling on all the fingers that have been, how you might put, detached from their owners during the fireworks. In fact, he is off busying himself with preparations for tonight's grand events. He sends you all his slimy, slithery love.

Due to the felicitations, there will be no weekly challenge. Consider yourselves off the hook (or on it, if you prefer).

Come back tomorrow to find out who won one of Tex's books! Could it be you? It might be.

Now, go eat until you explode and happy Fourth of July!

Don't forget to check out our July issue.


  1. Tex should head on over to my place. My brothers are stupid x100 with fireworks. LOVE the picture of Tex. He is so devious.


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