Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunday Poetry: The Fairy Gothmother - Jenn Preston Chushcoff

The Fairy Gothmother haunts children’s dark dreams.
She tends closet monsters that delight at their screams.
She’s queen of the creepies that hide under beds,
commander of crawlies that little ones dread.
She summons her ravens, beasts and black bats
to trouble bad children, like bullies and brats.

If you’re on The Good List there’s nothing to fear,
but if you’re on the Bad you’d better stay clear
of alleys, old mansions and dank moldy cellars,
since that’s where she keeps her shadowy dwellers.

She’s even made pacts with the kind fairy folk.
They get their flowers while she dons poison oak.
You’ll find her brooding with hands on her hips
in forgotten graveyards and sinking old ships.
Call her by name and she’ll help get you through.
You’ll see she’s not mean, just moody and blue.

But don’t ask for a carriage made from a gourd,
life-threatening shoes or a magical sword.
The Fairy Gothmother stirs grief for your foes.
They trip on their shoes and shoot milk through their nose.
She conjures strange sounds with odd bumps in the night,
seeds minds with bleak nightmares to give them a fright.

So if you’re in a jam and a tyrant’s the cause,
call on your FG and she’ll lay down her laws.
She’ll call upon Justice to even the score
since crooked wrongdoers is what she abhors.
There’s just one more thing I think I should say.
“Justice” is her pet and he brings Judgment Day!

Fairy Gothmother 
Written by Jenn Preston Chushcoff
Illustrated by M. Stagi

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  1. I love this poem and even more, love the idea of a Fairy Gothmother. Wish I'd had one as a kid. It's not too late, is it, to use her powerful charms?


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