Monday, 1 August 2011

August Issue

Hello everyone! It's been a flurry of activity getting everyone's pieces clothed, brushed, fed and shoved into  our August issue but we did it. Thank you to all the lovely people who put all their sweat and mostly blood into this issue. Thank you again to our Murder of Editors for taking their time to dissect each word. Thanks Tex for restraining of scaring off any contributors with your unappetizing diet.

My pleasure, darling.

Drum roll please!

Drrrrrrrummm roooollllllllllll

The August issue!

UPDATE: To download a PDF of the issue, visit our bookshelf at Open the publication and underneath the issue is an option to download or print the issue. 

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  1. Great, can't wait to read it! Thanks.

  2. The cover art! Oh my, the cover art. <3

  3. Nicely done, Bree. Looks great.

  4. It looks awesome! Great job...

  5. Looks wonderful!! Congrats on another great issue.

  6. A.MAZ.ING!!!!! This issue is so good I want to eat it. I am so proud of what you two - Marjorie and Tex have done with this magazine. This IS the best kid lit magazine around. There is no doubt.

  7. The mag looks FANTASTIC!

  8. You've made me glad the school year is about to start so I can share this with my new crop of students. It'll look awesome on a Smartboard.

  9. I impulsively stumbled through a gateway on Elizabeth Rose Stanton’s blog just now, and promptly fell all the way in here. Just had a quick peek at your magazine out of good old curiosity, and I’m quite mind boggled at the sheer visual quality and highly ‘pro’ presentation of it all.

    Although possessed of an artisticy creative mind, I’m a total stranger to this genre and its collective media in general. Clueless then!

    No idea where it’s going to lead me, no idea at all, although that for me is always the biggest hook, to take a bite and 'see what happens next'. Suffice to say simply..”Congratulations!”,
    whoever you all are on this magical and quite entrancing little planet, and all power to your bruised and busy elbows for the future of it all.


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